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Emotional Wellness Classes 

Considering therapy but don't know where to begin?

You are at the right place.

With COVID-19 and all the events since, emotional health and wellness are more important than ever. Using my expertise as a trauma psychologist and researcher, I packed each class with evidence-based psychology concepts and practical tools for emotional health.

Why classes?

While anyone can benefit from therapy, not everyone needs to start there. With the high demand for mental health services, more people need immediate tools. My hope is that these emotional wellness classes will make psychology more accessible and digestible for anyone who wants to improve emotional health and gain emotional intelligence. 

Where do I start?

I highly recommend starting with the two emotional health classes to gain foundational tools for staying emotionally healthy. Then move on to the trauma or sleep classes. The course materials build on each other so please start with the 101 classes before moving onto 201.

What if I want to meet individually?

I am conducting private classes to provide personalized class content and to answer your questions. Please request your bookings below. *Please note that these classes are not considered therapy/psychological services but rather are designed to teach you to apply psychological principles to improve your emotional health. 

Book Online

60 minutes classes:  50 minutes of class content with an optional Q + A time. 

They are all conducted live online.


  • Emotional Health class for your company or organization

    Starting from 300/hr
  • A must beginner class to change and manage your emotions

  • Learn to flow with your emotions in achieving your life goals + values

  • An advanced class to start learning and recovering from trauma/PTSD

  • Get the roadmap for navigating your trauma recovery

  • Take your first-steps in getting more restful sleep!

  • Train your mind to change what you dream at night

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