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Trauma Framework

I have had the privilege of holding people's most painful moments and helping them move forward with courage and resiliency. Regardless of what you have experienced, I seek to provide you with a safe space to share your story and to write them together. My ultimate goal is to be an individual who instills hope in people’s healing journey—and to do so one story at a time.

I divide trauma recovery into three stages. Even if you are not seeking one-on-one therapy (Stage 2), anyone can still benefit from Stage 1 and 3 emotional health classes. Each class series is designed to teach you the psychological principles behind evidence-based treatments for improving emotional health. 

 A brief description of each stage along with my current offerings is found below.

Trowel and Soil
Stage 1


Skills Training 

Gain emotional intelligence, get more restful sleep, and better understand trauma/PTSD.
Trowel and Soil
Stage 2



One-on-one therapy sessions using evidence based treatments to recover from trauma and PTSD. 
Kids Gardening
Stage 3


Spiritual + Community Engagement

Reintegrating into healthy relationships and communities is important for human flourishing.
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